Monday, 13 August 2012

The countdown begins..

It's only a mere three weeks now before I head off! Flying on the 3rd of September to Geneva and then getting the good old TGV to Grenoble. Switzerland should be fun, even though it'll be just the airport, but I do plan to make it back for a proper visit during the year, as well as all the other travelling I have planned, Italy, Paris, Bordeaux etc...yeeeah I'd imagine the bank balance will get back to me on that one.

Having lived for a bit in Paris last summer the idea of living alone isn't quite as daunting as it could have been, but the idea of college completely en français at Sciences-Po is a bit daunting, plus the assumption that everyone else going there has passed a very tough exam and will probably end up being big political hotshots in the future.. oh well, time will tell!
I do however like to think that I'll be only doing collegey stuff in between all my galavanting across the Alps and all the skiing I'll be doing, added to the incessant socialising and partying that seems to be a right of passage for Erasmus students...but I have a feeling that underestimating college in France may come back to haunt me. Big time.

Roll on 3rd of September !!

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