Friday, 31 August 2012

2 days to go !

Off on Monday morning, bright and early at 6.50am, probably meaning a pretty horrendous 5am airport check in...but will it be worth it?? I certainly hope so! Bag packing is a major issue, 20kg is the max I can bring with Aer Lingus, and I've long since passed that particular figure..
If it's not too noticeable, I think the "several items of hand-luggage" routine could work nicely, along with the "wearing everything" mantra, usually reserved for Ryanair flights, however incredibly relevant to my current predicament..

I'm really looking forward to the train journey between Geneva and Grenoble. I've heard nothing but good reviews about the amazing scenery and breathtaking surroundings in the very heart of the Alps, so I'm very very excited! Once I get there, the bureaucracy will most likely begin, and while I feel confident enough to get by in French, this could be a new challenge entirely!

According to the Facebook group I recently discovered, there will be events taking place from day one, so fingers crossed I won't need too much adjusting time and that I'll get into the swing of things quickly!

Counting down the hours now, à bientôt ! I shall finish with a hilarious sounding rap about Grenoble that I just found - God help us all.

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